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This Ideas Portal enables you to share any ideas you have for GOBI, ECM or the upcoming new books ordering platform, as well as vote and comment on any submitted ideas.


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Allow Highlighting in EBSCO eBooks

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Kara Kroes Li about 2 years ago in User Interface 1 Future consideration

Gobi needs to send edition #s to EDS for the "Gobi Ebook" database

Gobi now maintains its own entire "database" called Gobi Ebooks, in EDS. But it doesn't include the edition #s. Especially in STEM/Med fields, there are lots of editions and patrons often ask for a book by its edition #, not its pub year (along wi...
Guest 12 months ago in APIs and Integration 0 Future consideration

Share new book covers with potential users

Sometimes librarians like to delegate selection of materials to discipline experts. It is possible to export a list and share. Would it be possible to create a more "catalog" style browse with covers where users could be invited to "select"? Libra...
Guest over 1 year ago in Selection Workflow 1 Future consideration

Allow customizable invoice filenames

Our accounts payable department requires a very specific file naming structure. If GOBI could deliver the PDFs with a customizable filename, it would save us from having to rename every single file.
Guest 6 months ago in Invoicing 0 Future consideration

Make GOBI Invoices searchable by keyword

I would like it if GOBI's account documentation were searchable by keyword. In my library I often want to look back at how something was invoiced by title, eCollection title, or description. Being able to search by keyword would save me time and h...
Guest 6 months ago in User Interface 1 Already exists

Customer Service email automatically populated.

Since new protocols have been established for contacting customer service, have the customer service email automatically populated in the contact field.
Guest over 1 year ago in  Administrative and User Account Controls / User Interface 0 Future consideration

Swap edition on ebook approval bookshelf

I often come across titles on the ebook approval bookshelf where I'd like to buy an alternate edition on approval funds. For example, sometimes the edition on the approval bookshelf is unavailable in Canada, but an alt edition ebook is available. ...
Guest about 1 year ago in Profiling and Approval Services 0 Future consideration

GOBI Order cancellations email alerts should be able to be sent to the person who selected or ordered the book

GOBI Order cancellations email alerts should be able to be sent to the person who selected or ordered the book in real-time. This is important at my library because each individual selector is responsible for closely tracking their budget allotmen...
Guest 6 months ago in Acquisition Workflow / Reporting and Analysis 0 Future consideration

Reporting on Gobi subaccount actions/performance

The ability to run or automate reports on demand-driven subaccount actions/performance.
Jeremy Garskoff about 2 years ago in Reporting and Analysis 0 Future consideration

EDI credit memos and technical invoices

Can credit memos be EDI'd? And technical invoices?
Sharon Whittle about 1 year ago in Invoicing 0 Future consideration