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This Ideas Portal enables you to share any ideas you have for GOBI, ECM or the upcoming new books ordering platform, as well as vote and comment on any submitted ideas.


eBook Management

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See print/download permissions for eBooks before ordering

Currently there is no way to determine the print/download permissions for an eBook before purchasing (aside from those titles indicated as DRM-Free). The Preview function does not include that information. It would be useful for selectors as they ...
Kelly Connor 11 months ago in eBook Management / User Interface 2 Future consideration

eBook Manager: more options to refine search, and export result lists

We have the following suggestions for improvement of the eBook Manager interface: An option to refine search by titles that have "Copies reserved for online use". Currently, it's possible to refine search by "Title-level download settings". We wou...
Heidi Jahnsen 6 months ago in eBook Management 3 Future consideration

Open Access Titles

It would be very helpful, if open access titles were identified on the notifications.
Guest over 1 year ago in eBook Management / Profiling and Approval Services 1 Future consideration

Show Purchase History in eBook Manager

No description provided
Kara Kroes Li about 2 years ago in eBook Management 0 Future consideration

Auto-upgrades licence choices

Auto upgrades should automatically purchase an unlimited licence or the most liberal licence where available rather than gradually moving up through the licence options.
Kerry Hadaway 12 months ago in eBook Management 1 Future consideration

I want to be able to delete our outdated eBooks from "eBooks on EBSCOhost" so I can delete ebooks in OCLC.

We need to be able to delete books from the "eBooks on EBSCOhost" database when we get newer editions of medical books, books with multiple editions, etc. Accred. agencies don't like students to access old, outdated materials.
Jo Shimmin 10 months ago in eBook Management 1 Already exists

Allow customization of userdefinedfields when Gobi selects ebook in HLM

Gobi now sends over to EBSCO eadmin HLM the info to "select" the book when purchased. However, the info sent over does not include the particular license model (eg 1U, UU, etc.). We would like to be able to customize this process so that the licen...
Guest about 1 year ago in eBook Management 0 Future consideration

single-click request of multi-user ebooks for backlist titles not available that way

Often we want to be able to buy a license to a multi-user ebook for an older backlist title, perhaps a classic, perhaps just something that somebody wants to use in a course. I'd like to have an option to "request multi-user ebook license" where I...
David Wuolu over 1 year ago in APIs and Integration / eBook Management 0 Future consideration