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This Ideas Portal enables you to share any ideas you have for GOBI, ECM or the upcoming new books ordering platform, as well as vote and comment on any submitted ideas.


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Content unavailable in my country

Do not show me or allow me to select titles and offerings that are not saleable to me.
Caroline Zappasodi about 2 years ago in Acquisition Workflow 6 Future consideration

Include links to new editions

When a new edition is available, please include that link in the older edition. Other book vendors include this and it ensures we order the most current edition. especially if a title has changed.
Linda Nilles over 1 year ago in Selection Workflow / User Interface 1 Future consideration

Edit/Delete Library Note

User ability to edit or delete a Library Note
Guest over 1 year ago in  Administrative and User Account Controls 1 Future consideration

When an ISBN with hyphens is used to search, automatically remove hyphens

In ISBNs hyphens are often used (for example 978-981-19-7160-0). To be able to search by ISBN I have to remove the hyphens manually. With hyphens the result is 'No results were found'. It would be great if the hyphens were removed automatically (e...
Judith Gulpers about 1 year ago in Acquisition Workflow / Selection Workflow / User Interface 1 Future consideration

Invoice Portal

An invoice portal for all EBSCO invoices - no matter the product or service (GOBI etc.). It should be possible to view all invoices, check statuses and pay outstanding invoices. It would also be beneficial to be able to create deposit invoices and...
Guest over 1 year ago in Invoicing 2 Future consideration

Gobi Manage Folders sort - either preserve choice within setting or allow us to set default

Within a single Gobi login session, when I sort the Manage Library Folders list, I have to keep re-sorting it every time I follow one of the folders to do some ordering, and then come back to pull the contents of the next folder. And the default s...
Guest about 1 month ago in Acquisition Workflow 1 Future consideration

Automated Holdings Loading

I would like a more automated process for loading my library's holdings to GOBI so that I do not have to check my local catalog before buying to prevent duplication.
Caroline Zappasodi about 2 years ago in Acquisition Workflow 3 Planned

Preferred sort order

The default sort order of the results is 'Relevance'. I would like to be able to change that into Pub Year > Descending (to see the newest titles first) and keep that sort order (at least) for the next searches in the same session.
Judith Gulpers over 1 year ago in User Interface 0 Future consideration


It would be beneficial to be able to organize folders into subfolders. For example, I keep lists until all items arrive, but they clutter my lists when adding new items. Being able to sort lists or hide some that have already been submitted would ...
Guest about 1 year ago in User Interface 0 Future consideration

Remove All-caps from the title and download list since it is not ADA compliant.

All-caps is hard to read and when using screen readers it reads as acronyms.
Guest about 2 months ago in  3 Future consideration