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This Ideas Portal enables you to share any ideas you have for GOBI, ECM or the upcoming new books ordering platform, as well as vote and comment on any submitted ideas.


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Add ebooks for Equinox Publishing to GOBI

No description provided
Julie Gaida about 1 year ago in Content 0 Future consideration

DEI Purchase Request

Please add current, popular (non-academic) DEI-focused materials in all formats. Suggested authors: Dr. Nika White (Inclusion Uncomplicated: A Transformative Guide To Simplify DEI) and Mary-Frances Winters (Inclusive Conversations: Fostering Equit...
Terry Palacios over 1 year ago in Content 1 Already exists

New EDS 'back' button

Institute logo is at top of all pages for Dashboard, but no logo or back button/arrow is on pages for Publications, Concept Map or Supplemental Sources. Is it possible to add this?
Guest over 1 year ago in  1 Will not implement

Add DDA-eligible=Y to the Standard and Advanced Search options

For those of us with Gobi DDA programs including manual "Request DDA", it would be useful to be able to search using either Standard or Advanced and have as a limiting option to only include in the results titles that have at least one provider th...
Guest over 1 year ago in Acquisition Workflow 0 Future consideration

Templates configuration

Many in the library are using templates for selecting titles. It would be very useful, if we could determine fields that have to be filled in, before sending the titles via GOBI Express.
Guest over 1 year ago in Selection Workflow 0 Already exists

"Interdisciplinary Topics" as Approval parameter

We would like to use "YBP Interdisciplinary Topics" as parameters setting up approvals. To be able to do so, this parameter would need to be applied consistently for all titles.
Guest over 1 year ago in Profiling and Approval Services 0 Future consideration