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EBSCO Ideas Portal

This Ideas Portal enables you to share any ideas you have for GOBI, ECM or the upcoming new books ordering platform, as well as vote and comment on any submitted ideas.


Acquisition Workflow

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notify us when an order is cancelled

Please email us when a print or ebook order has been cancelled.
Linda Nilles over 1 year ago in Acquisition Workflow 1 Already exists

Need an "Exclude Fiction" filter

There are a lot of Religious publishers who publish both fiction and non-fiction. Most of the time we are only interested purchasing non-fiction titles. It would be much easier to find titles to purchase if fiction could be filtered out.
Guest 5 months ago in Acquisition Workflow 1 Already exists

Search by POL

I would like to be able to search for a selection after the order is in by the POL number assigned.
Sharon Whittle about 1 year ago in Acquisition Workflow / User Interface 1 Already exists